Is the battle cats pay to win?

Is the battle cats pay to win?

Campaign Setup. The Battle Cats is a free-to-play tower defense game filled with weirdly cute cats developed by PONOS Corporation for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Is kasli good battle cats?

Evolved Form. Ritual Saint Kasli can take more punishment, more attack power, and has more range. The Knockback is also increased to 50%, being more reliable as a pusher than her first form. Her DPS is very powerful when considering her Surge Attack, jumping to an amazing 9000 DPS.

Is Matador cat good battle cats?

Matador Cat has the niche of dodging attacks of Red enemies, a rare one in the Cat Army. Because of this, Matador is outclassed by many other cats at its role, some examples being Crazed Tank Cat, Eraser Cat, Thor Cat and Fried Shrimp Cat.

Is the witch cat good?

Witch Cat can be very useful for slowing down red enemies, especially in stacks. This can be very useful in stage like Attack on R-Cyclone or against enemies like Bore.

Is Rover cat good?

Rover Cat is a useful meatshield in both Into the Future and Cats of the Cosmos thanks to its high strength against Aliens and its immunity to Warp. At high levels, it can tank many hits from even Star Pengs and its attack power allows it to break General GreGory’s Barrier.

Is Shadow GAO good battle cats?

Strategy/Usage. Diabolic Gao is an excellent Uber. With an outstanding 6.2k DPS and Shockwave immunity, Diabolic Gao is effective against most enemies (even traited) as his DPS is higher than many others and his range is above-average.

How much damage does bahamut cat do?


Bahamut Cat
Health Attack Power Attack Range
1,500 HP 5,000 damage 450
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type
25,500 HP 85,000 damage Area Attack

How do I get crazed AXE cat?

Crazed Axe Cat is a Super Rare Cat unlocked by completing the event stage The Crazed Axe appearing on the 9th of every month. True Form increases his health and attack power.

How much HP does crazed AXE cat have?


Crazed Axe Cat
Health Attack Power Movement Speed
2,200,000 HP 4,200 damage (7,875 DPS) 7
Special Ability
30% chance to freeze all Cat Units for 130f 4.33 seconds.

Is Ice Cat good?

Ice Cat is pretty good as a freezing cat and because of the ability to be stacked and her range but can be out classed by Icat because of because of his way better spam but he lacks range that Ice cat has. As i said this cat is actually GOD even though he suffers from A.