Is New American science better than science?

Is New American science better than science?

New Scientist is weekly rather than monthly, and has many more small news stories. Scientific American is better at getting famous writers. The main difference is between British and US styles, and readership bases. But New Scientist is also much newer, founded in 1956.

Is SciTechDaily reputable?

SciTechDaily offers the best intelligent, informed science and technology coverage and analysis you can find on a daily basis, sourcing a huge range of great writers and excellent research institutes. In 1999, the Independent said we were the “best science news site currently.”

Who are the editors of Scientific American?

Scientific American

Edited by Laura Helmuth
Publication details
History Since August 28, 1845
Publisher Springer Nature (United States)
Frequency Monthly

Who is the publisher of Science?

Science (journal)

Publication details
Publisher American Association for the Advancement of Science (United States)
Frequency Weekly
Open access Delayed
Impact factor 41.845 (2019)

Does Scientific American have a paywall?

That is why, beginning April 15, we are launching a paywall on our website. Going forward, readers will be allowed access to three complimentary articles* per month before they are asked to subscribe to any of one Scientific American’s print or digital titles to read further.

Can I read Scientific American on Kindle?

3. On your laptop or desktop: iBooks and Google Play Books can also be used on computers, as well as many eReader apps such as Kindle and Nook.

Which subscription is Scientific America?

Just call us at 800-333-1199 to purchase your print or digital subscription or gift subscription. International customers can call 001-1-515-248-7684. Once purchased, you can use your account number to activate your digital access. Click here for instructions.