Is Aries a girl name?

Is Aries a girl name?

The name Aries is primarily a gender-neutral name of Latin origin that means The Ram. Used for children born under this astrological sign.

How common is the name Aries?

Aries has been used in the United States ever since 1970, with over 4679 girls given the name in the past 200 years. Aries gained the most popularity as a baby name in 2006, when it’s usage went up by 148.53%. During this year, 78 babies were named Aries, which was 0.002% of the baby girls born in the USA that year.

What alphabet is Aries?

No Signs Alphabets
1 Aries Chu,Che,Cho,La,Lee,Lu,Le,Lo,A
2 Taurus Ee,U,Aa,O,Va,Vi,Vu,Ve,Vo
3 Gemini Ka,Kee,Ku,Gha,D,Chha,Ke,Ko,Ha
4 Cancer Hee,Hoo,He,Ho,Da,Dee,Doo,De,Do

What does the name Aries mean in Greek?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Aries is: The ram.

Can Aries be trusted?

Aries is one of those signs that can be reliable in some circumstances but not in others. They will be honest—sometimes too honest—but they may not always be there. “If you consider trustworthiness to be more about reliability, punctuality, and keeping plans, then Aries is less trustworthy,” Terrones says.

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