How old is Fred now?

How old is Fred now?

27 years (August 29, 1993)

What is Fred’s name in real life?

Lucas Alan Cruikshank (born August 29, 1993) is an American comedian, actor and YouTube personality who created the character Fred Figglehorn and the associated Fred series for his channel on the video-sharing website YouTube in late 2005….Internet.

Year 2011–2012
Title It’s Fred!
Role Fred Figglehorn
Notes Voice

Who was the first YouTuber with 1 million subscribers?

Fred Mills

Why is Fred’s voice so high?

Fred has a high-pitched “chipmunk” voice, making him sound more like a 6-year-old. According to Cruikshank, this effect, and the hyperactive appearance of the character, are achieved by speeding up the audio.

What is Fred figglehorn net worth?

Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 29, 1993 (27 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian, Television Director, Television producer

Who is Lucas Cruikshank boyfriend?

Matthew Fawcus

Does Lucas Cruikshank have a BF?

Currently, Lucas is dating a boyfriend named Matthew Fawcus who is an Australian model. He met his current boyfriend, Matthew by fellow gay YouTuber Kingsley “from afar” at a gay club. He often featured his boyfriend on his videos and seemed the two enjoyed each other company and have lots of fun together.

How old is Lucas from icarly?


How much did the Fred channel sell for?

?Harley Morenstein on Twitter: “I heard Fred sold his YouTube channel to Korea for like 60 million dollars!!

Who was the first Youtuber to hit 10 million subscribers?


How much did Fred make on YouTube?

How much money does Fred make off youtube? The numbers are a little rough, but we know that he’s cashing in. According to Businessweek, Cruikshank makes over $100K from YouTube ads and sponsorship deals per year, like the viral spots he made for Zipit and the film City of Ember.

Why is Fred famous?

Sirieix grew up in Limoges, France and trained to work in front of house in a Michelin-starred restaurant in France before working at La Tante Claire in London….

Fred Sirieix
Employer Channel 4 BBC ITV
Known for First Dates Million Pound Menu
Children 2, including Andrea

How many subscribers did Fred have?

1.97 million subscribers