How do you use obliterate in a sentence?

How do you use obliterate in a sentence?

  1. She tried to obliterate all memory of her father.
  2. Their warheads are enough to obliterate the world several times over.
  3. Perhaps she gets drunk to obliterate painful memories.
  4. Nothing could obliterate the memory of those tragic events.
  5. There was time enough to obliterate memories of how things once were for him.

What does it mean to obliterate someone?

Obliterate is defined as to utterly and completely destroy or eliminate, or to have a great victory or great success over someone or something.

How do you use the word odds?

  1. Against all odds, he finished the work.
  2. It’s odds on that she won’t come.
  3. The odds are against us.
  4. The odds are very much in our favour .
  5. She struggled against terrible odds to overcome her illness.
  6. What are the odds he won’t turn up?
  7. She pieced together odds and ends of cloth.

What is the full meaning of odds?

1a(1) : the probability that one thing is so or will happen rather than another : chances the odds are against it. (2) : the ratio of the probability of one event to that of an alternative event. b(1) : a difference favoring one of two opposed things overwhelming odds.

When odds are against me meaning?

phrase. If you say that the odds are against something or someone, you mean that they are unlikely to succeed. He reckoned the odds are against the scheme going ahead. I’m sorry. I just feel as if the odds are stacked up against me.

Are at Odds meaning?

not agreeing with each other

What does at a standstill mean?

: a state characterized by absence of motion or of progress : stop brought traffic to a standstill.

Can be at odds?

If someone is at odds with someone else, or if two people are at odds, they are disagreeing or arguing with each other.

What does the idiom drawing a blank mean?

Meaning: to fail to get an answer or a result; be unsuccessful. You draw a blank when you attempt to recall something and fail, or when you try to come up with a solution to a problem and can’t think of one.

What is the difference between pushing and shoving?

When used as nouns, push means a short, directed application of force, whereas shove means a rough push. When used as verbs, push means to apply a force to (an object) such that it moves away from the person or thing applying the force, whereas shove means to push, especially roughly or with force.

What’s another word for getting worse?

What is another word for get worse?

deteriorate decline
worsen degenerate
wane degrade
fail weaken
depreciate fade

What is the full meaning of horrible?

1 : marked by or arousing painful and intense fear, dread, dismay, or aversion : marked by or arousing horror a horrible accident. 2 : extremely bad or unpleasant a horrible mistake horrible food.

What is worse than mean?

comparative of bad : more unpleasant, difficult, or severe than before or than something else that is also bad: The conditions they’re living in are worse than we thought.

What’s the definition of being used?

To seek or achieve an end by means of; exploit: used their highly placed friends to gain access to the president; felt he was being used by seekers of favor.