How do you reference a drama?

How do you reference a drama?

To be made up of:

  1. Author (surname followed by initials).
  2. Year of publication (in round brackets).
  3. Title (in italics).
  4. Edition information.
  5. Place of publication: publisher.
  6. Act. Scene: line.

How do you cite a performance?

Use the following structure to cite a live performance in MLA format: Performance Title. By Playwright First Name Last Name, directed by Director First Name Last Name, Date Seen, Theatre, City, State. Performance.

How do you reference a performance?


  1. Title (in italics).
  2. by author.
  3. Year of performance (in round brackets).
  4. Directed by.
  5. Location. Date seen (in square brackets).

How do you reference an act Harvard style?

Place of publication: Publisher.

  1. Example:
  2. Example:
  3. If you are referencing an Act you found online, this should be indicated in the reference. Title of the Act and year. ( chapter number of the Act; abbreviated to ‘c’). [ Online]. Place of publication: Publisher. [ Date accessed]. Available from: URL. Example:

How do I cite the Criminal Code?

The main elements of a reference to legislation are as follows:

  1. Reference elements: Name of Law, Abbreviated statute source + Year, chapter number.
  2. Reference example: Criminal Code, RSC 1985, c C-46.
  3. Reference.

How do you cite a revenue procedure?

Revenue Procedures citations are a combination of the year of the revenue procedure and the number. For example, Rev Proc 2014-1 means that it is the first Revenue Procedure of 2014. Revenue Procedures issued before 2000 use a two digit year, i.e., Revenue Procedure 79-1.

What is the difference between a revenue ruling and a revenue procedure?

Revenue rulings are different from Revenue Procedures. A revenue procedure is an official statement of a procedure that affects the rights or duties of taxpayers under the law, while a revenue ruling is the conclusion of the IRS on how the law is applied to a specific set of facts.

How much does a PLR cost?

Fees incurred by the taxpayer can range from $150 for simple requests to $50,000 for pre-filing agreements. For a specific transaction, a ruling can cost as much as $30,000, in addition to the professional fees that a taxpayer may incur.

Can you rely on a revenue ruling?

A PLR is issued in response to a written request submitted by a taxpayer and is binding on the IRS if the taxpayer fully and accurately described the proposed transaction in the request and carries out the transaction as described. A PLR may not be relied on as precedent by other taxpayers or IRS personnel.

Which of the following types of regulations is the strongest tax authority?

IRS Regulations are by far the strongest administrative authority. State and local taxes levied on either property or sales are examples of progressive taxes.