How do you move a bronze statue?

How do you move a bronze statue?

Take a box that is a tight fit for the sculpture. Place a wooden plank at the bottom of the box so that it does not bend on the corners and damage the statue. Now, wrap the sculpture in bubble wrap and secure it with heavy-duty tape. Then wrap it in a small blanket.

How do you pack bronze sculptures?

How to Pack a Bronze Sculpture for Shipping

  1. Pick out a cardboard box that is a tight fit for the sculpture.
  2. Wrap the sculpture in bubble wrap and secure all open areas with heavy duty tape.
  3. Cover the bubble wrapped sculpture in a blanket.

How much does it cost to ship a statue?

2. How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Sculpture?

Method Cost
Hiring professional movers Depends on size and distance of move; approximately $4,300
Parcel shipping $50-$225+, depending on size and speed of service
Peer-to-peer shipping $175-$1,000+, depending on the size, weight, and distance of move

How much do statues weigh?

The weight of the statue will vary depending on the pose, but in general on a single figure statue an average weight is: 30″ Tall – 120 pounds; 40″ Tall – 225 pounds; 50″ tall – 375 pounds; 60″ tall – 550 pounds; 70″ tall – 900 pounds.

How much does the Statue of Liberty weigh?

225 tons

Does FedEx Ship Art?

If you are shipping artwork valued over $500, we offer Premium Art Boxes lined with a plastic protector and foam. This solution is perfect for highly valuable artwork. For customers with rolled posters or prints, FedEx office offers tube boxes to ship these items.

Can UPS ship a painting?

Build a customized crate, or take your artwork to a nearby The UPS StoreĀ® location for professional packing backed by the Pack & Ship Guarantee. Ship smaller works of art in a new, double-wall corrugated box that will minimize movement and offer adequate space for padding.

What size boxes does FedEx have?

Standard boxes available in-store at FedEx Office

Dimensions Price for box only Price with packing
12″ x 3″ x 17-1/2″ box $2.25 N/A
12″ x 12″ x 18″ box $3.75 $9.49
13″ x 9″ x 11″ box $2.75 $7.49
16″ x 16″ x 16″ box $4.00 $11.49

How much does UPS charge to package a painting?

Small or medium-sized paintings on canvas can be shipped via UPS or Fedex for approximately $10-$50, depending on the size. Declaring value (similar to insurance) will add more to the price of shipping as well. Large paintings that are over 30 inches in one dimension usually cost at least $50 to ship via UPS or Fedex.

Can I bring a painting on a plane?

Since it is not on the TSA’s list of prohibited travel items, you can carry a painting onto a plane as long as it meets a few requirements. There are size restrictions for carry-on items, so you can only take small paintings on the plane. Airlines restrict passengers from carrying large items on a plane.

Where can I ship a large painting?

The UPS Store can help with crating and shipping your large art items.