How do you list multiple majors on a resume?

How do you list multiple majors on a resume?

Use the following steps when including a double major in your resume: Format your education section. List degrees separately….Proofread your resume.Format your education section. List separate degrees if you have them. List your primary major first. Highlight minors relevant to the job.

Should I put certification in progress on resume?

In the case you’re taking a course or have not yet completed the necessary requirements to be licensed in a specific area, you can include these certifications, simply by adding ‘in progress’ to the description and stipulating the anticipated completion date.

What order do post nominals go?

Post-nominal letters should be listed in the following order: Civil honours. Military honours.

Do you put commas between post nominals?

Formatting post-nominal qualifications. The letters following a name are known as post-nominals and can include honours, qualifications, fellowships, and memberships—Dr Joan de Wik, PhD(Geophys) UWA, FAusIMM, for example. Each category of post-nominal is separated with a comma.

Should I put post nominals on CV?

No, you don’t use your post nominals in this sort of situation. it’s not a matter of pride – it’s a matter of where post nominals are used, and that is only in formal situations. it’s the same as you don’t put your post nominals at the top of your CV after your name.

How can I show BSc Hons after my name?

To be fair mentioning you have an Honours (Hons) is worthwhile, but I agree, ending something using a title like that looks daft. Just mention your degree in the CV/covering letter and leave it as that.