How do you list license and certification on a resume?

How do you list license and certification on a resume?

Title the section, Certifications. If you have licenses as well, you can title the section, Licenses and Certifications. It’s more than okay to add both to one section. Under your subheading, list each certification in reverse-chronological order. Start with your most recent.

What qualifications do I need to work at airport?

Airport security job requirements include being a U.S. citizen at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or equivalent – although this education requirement may be waived if you have at least one year of related work experience.

Do ticket agents get free flights?

Pro: Flights are free or reduced for employees—but there’s a catch. If you work for an airline, you’ll enjoy either free or reduced fares, but the catch is you’ll have to fly standby, meaning you only get on if there are extra seats available.

What kind of jobs are available in airport?

10 Most Popular Types of Airport JobsAirport Engineer. Airport engineers specialize in construction and maintenance of airport structures and takeoff and landing areas. Air Traffic Controller. Pilot. Airport Planner. Avionics Technician. Airport Operations Manager. Airport Manager. Airport Location Manager.

Which course is best for airport job?

List of Best Aviation Courses After 12thName of the CourseDurationDiploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training6 months to 1 yearDiploma in Aviation Hospitality1 yearAeronautical Engineering4 yearsBSc in Airline and Airport Management3 years8 •

Do you need a degree to work at the airport?

The qualifications to work in an airport depend on the type of work you do. To work as a security agent, you must pass a background check and complete TSA training. Air traffic control agents need to have specialized FAA training in addition to a high school diploma or GED certificate.

How much do you make working at the airport?

Airport & Airline Salary InformationJob TypeAverage Starting SalaryEntry LevelAirport SecurityMinimum Wage to $20 per hourYesAirline Administrative Assistant$7-$20 per hourYesAirline Baggage and Cargo Handler$9-$11 per hourYesAirline Crew Schedule Coordinator$10-$24 per hourYes23