How do you become a leprechaun?

How do you become a leprechaun?

How do I become a Leprechaun?

  1. Choose your country. When creating a new BitLife, if you click in the top left corner you will be taken to the main menu. At the top of the main menu, you can select the “New Life” option.
  2. Maintain green stats. You do not need to max out your health, happiness, smarts and looks all to 100.

What’s the best paying job in BitLife?

The highest paying job in BitLife is going to be a Lead Actor or Singer. These careers both get you the fame bar, which can also be used to get a lot of money. The careers themselves have a high salary, but you can also use the Fame tab to write a book, film a commercial, and pose in a magazine.

What is the best way to get BitLife rich?

Here’s a quick look at how you do it:

  1. Go to a Casino (stick to the same one each time)
  2. Place the highest bet you can (the bet grows as you win more money)
  3. Play the hand.
  4. If you win, leave the casino (this basically “saves” your win)

What careers get you famous in BitLife?

Becoming famous comes with money, power, and respect. There are multiple routes to becoming famous in BitLife. Some of them are easier than others. You can choose to take on a career to become famous, such as becoming a professional athlete or by a famous singer or musician.

How do BitLife go viral?

In short, if you want to go viral on Youtube in Bitlife, the only thing you can do is produce a ton of videos of one type and hope for the best. This is because the rate at which you can go viral is random, but if you only produce one type of content, the rate, and chance of it happening increases.

How do you become popular in BitLife school?

I think when you are in middle/high/secondary school, join extracurricular activities and/or join a clique (hipsters I recommend). If you become treasurer or co captain of a sports group, it boasts popularity.

How do you turn a friend into an enemy in BitLife?

For the next part, you need to make three female friends. Then click on their profile, and click on Change our status to make her your enemy.

Whats the youngest you can have a baby in BitLife?

Babies who start a new life can sometimes have “I was born after the birth control failed” as their conception method at the start of their life. The minimum age for birth control is 14.

How do you get popular on BitLife?

To become famous in BitLife, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, Voiceover Actor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media. Work hard each year to maximize your ability to get a promotion, and you will eventually reach the apex of each career.

How do you enter a BitLife clique?

How to join each clique

  1. Artsy Kids: Join the Art Club.
  2. Band Geeks: Join the Concert Band or the Jazz Band.
  3. Brainy Kids: Have high smarts AND high grades at the same time.
  4. Drama Kids: Join the Drama Club or the Improv Club.
  5. Gamers: Join the Video Games Club.
  6. Goths: Have low happiness AND popularity.

How do you become a mean girl in BitLife?

To complete the Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge, here’s what the players need to do:

  1. Be a female.
  2. Join the Mean Girls clique.
  3. Start rumors about 10+ friends.
  4. Turn 10+ friends into enemies.
  5. Insult 10+ classmates.

How do you get popular on social media on BitLife?

BitLife Social Media Star – Post Updates. Go to the activity tab -> scroll down and look for the social media option -> tap it and choose to post an update. You have to do it every year, at least once. However, it does not help you too much in gaining a huge number of followers.

Why do I keep losing followers on BitLife?

It seems once you start posting a certain type of content consistently, you are pretty much locked into it. If you try to post radically different stuff on that social media channel, you will usually lose followers.

How many followers do you need for verified BitLife?