How do I get 15000 drachmae for Xenia?

How do I get 15000 drachmae for Xenia?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Get to 15000 Drachmae Pay Xenia Drachmae Money. Finally get 15000 drachmae from sell items in inventory and then pay Xenia 15000 to learn of the tale of the hero’s mother.

Should I sell the obsidian eye?

Important Note: The obsidian eye is a very valuable gem that you can sell to any blacksmith. It will be for sale together with other useless Trade Goods. For the jewel you will receive 2750 gold from the blacksmith!

Can you sell wood in AC Odyssey?

While you’re running through the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, don’t forget to always be on the lookout for any wood/metal deposits nearby. You can claim these items, and then sell any that you don’t use for upgrading your ship on to the Blacksmith.

Can you sell mercenary clues?

Items You Can Sell Mercenary Clues. Animal Parts (Pelts, Fangs, Tusks, Bones).

What can I sell in Odyssey?

When you select the “Sell” option, there is a choice to “Sell All Trade Goods.” These items are only valuable for earning drachmae, the in-game currency. Unless you are really hurting for money, you should never sell gear but should instead dismantle it.

Can you sell weapons and Armour in Valhalla?

The straightforward answer to this question is No. There is no possible way to dismantle or sell weapons or other gears in AC Valhalla. Each gear in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is unique from each other; hence, there might not be a need to dismantle or sell them.

Should you sell all trinkets Valhalla?

Don’t forget to sell your trinkets and unwanted runes, too. You can quick sell all your trinkets at once when talking to a vendor — trinkets are only in the game for selling, so don’t worry about getting rid of anything useful — but it’s worth going through your runes.

Can you remove runes Valhalla?

The runes can be freely removed from the sockets. Runes aren’t placed in the slots permanently. You can move it to another item or replace it with a more useful one.

Do Runes apply to all weapons Valhalla?

Weapon runes can be applied to any class of weapon, regardless of the stat it boosts. For example, a rune that boosts the block stat can be applied to a bow.

How do you get legendary runes in Valhalla?

How To Get Diamond-Shaped Runes

  1. Killing Zealots. The easiest and most reliable way to collect these runes is by hunting down Zealots across the map.
  2. Killing Order Members.
  3. Searching Small Chests.
  4. Killing Mobs Of Elites.
  5. Fulfilling Contracts At The Fisherman’s Hut And Hunter’s Hut.

How do you get mournful cry in AC Valhalla?

You can only obtain the Mournful Cry hammer by purchasing it from Reda at his shop in Ravensthorpe. The hammer will cost 51 opal. This item isn’t always going to be for selling purpose and the player will have to see if it is being sold during that shop switching. Reda’s Shop is known to switch out its items every day.

Who is the traitor AC Valhalla Essex?


Should I romance estrid?

Some players, who’ve decided to pursue a relationship with Randvi, are wondering whether a fling with Estrid will affect that relationship. The answer is – no. Randvi either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about your little conquest, so you should be safe in the long run, even if you choose to have a romance with Estrid.