How do I add a template to my Word template?

How do I add a template to my Word template?

Load templates or add-insIn Word 2010, 2013, or 2016, select File > Options > Add-Ins. In the Manage list, select Word Add-ins, and then click Go.Click the Templates tab.Under Global templates and add-ins, select the check box next to the template or add-in that you want to load.

Where is Microsoft Word templates?

The default location of the User Templates Folder remains C:\Users\ user name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. The User Templates folder will still contain the Normal. dotm template. The location of that folder can be modified (or discovered) using File -> Options -> Advanced -> File Locations.

How do I open a custom template in Word?

Follow these steps to open a template in Word and be able to modify it:On the File tab, choose Open. You see the Open window.Click This PC.Click the Browse button.In the Open dialog box, go to the Templates folder where you store templates.Select the template.Click the Open button.

How do I find templates in Word 2010?

To find and apply a template in Word, do the following:On the File tab, click New.Under Available Templates, do one of the following: To use one of the built-in templates, click Sample Templates, click the template that you want, and then click Create.