How do I activate rage of the gods?

How do I activate rage of the gods?

Rage of the Gods Once the meter is full, the Rage of Gods can be activated by pressing the R3 and L3 buttons simultaneously. Kratos becomes greatly empowered; his attacks deal greater damage, while he receives minimal damage. However, once the Rage of the Gods is activated, it cannot be turned off.

How do you use Kratos rage?

In fact, Kratos has a special Rage Mode that can be used to channel that aggression into crushing his enemies. To use Rage Mode, simply press L3 and R3 together at the opportune moment. While activated, Kratos has access to a special move set that can actually be upgraded via the appropriate segment of the skill tree.

Why is Kratos so angry?

Kratos is angry at the gods in general because he feels like they took advantage of him, forcing him to do a whole bunch of crap to solve problems they created during his ten years of servitude, and then weaseling out of giving him what he wanted (freedom from being tormented by his memories) by saying “We never said …

How do you use Poseidon’s Rage in God of War?

By repeatedly pressing the circle button, the attack could build more damage. One could level it up to increase its damage and attack radius. Poseidon’s Rage got taken away by Ares in God of War but was given back along with the rest of Kratos’ magic by Athena.

How do I use Zeus fury in God of War?

Level 1

  1. Zeus’ Fury – Hurls powerful thunderbolts at enemies. Hold L2 + square.
  2. Zeus’ Fury (Air) – Hurl powerful thunderbolts in the air. L2.

What should I upgrade in God of War 1?

Here is the best order to upgrade your weapons/magic:

  • Blades of Chaos to level 2.
  • Poseidon’s Rage to level 2.
  • Blades of Chaos to level 3.
  • Zeus’ Thunderbolts to level 2.
  • Poseidon’s Rage to max.
  • Zeus’ Thunderbolts to max.
  • Blades of Chaos to level 4 and then max.
  • At this point, start saving your magic, do not upgrade.