How did Ganesha marry Riddhi Siddhi?

How did Ganesha marry Riddhi Siddhi?

The Universal Parents searched for a suitable bride for Lord Ganesha and selected Riddhi and Siddhi, the beautiful daughters of Prajapati Vishwaroopa. On an auspicious day, Lord Ganesha married Riddhi and Siddhi. They have blessed two beautiful sons named Sabha and Kshema. His wives were his eternal powers.

How many wives did Lord Ganesha have?

5 wives

Which side trunk of Lord Ganesha is good?


How do you pray Lord Ganesha at home?

Ganesha is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Ganesha is associated with prosperity, good fortune, and wisdom….Close your eyes and visualize the image of Lord Ganesha in your mind.

  1. Relax and take a seat back.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Meditate and think about the image of Lord Ganesha.

How do you ask for forgiveness from Lord Ganesha?

If you really think that he is angry or upset with you, then ask him forgiveness with whole heart. If you are not still satisfied, then offer him Durva grass or do ashtottara with Durva grass/red flowers. Truth to be said, Ganesha is the most kind of all Gods.. He doesn’t keep any grudges on his devotees..

Which flower Lord Ganesha likes?

Red Hibiscus flower

Can we offer rose to Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha – Any red flower. Jaswanti (Hibiscus) is his favorite. Lotus, Champa, rose, jasmine, marigold, Dhruva grass blades, Bilva leaves, herbal leaves can also be used to worship him. During Ganesha Pooja, it is advised to use 21 different varieties of flowers.

Can we offer white flowers to Lord Ganesha?

This is a white flower which is also called aparajitha. For early marriage one must make this flower offering. They are called chendumalli and offered to Ganesha. It is also used in decorating temples.

Which flower is not offered to Lord Ganesha?

Dhruva grass and red shading jaswanti blossom are most loved of master ganesha. be that as it may, tulsi (heavenly basil) which is a sacrosanct plant for hindus is never offered to ganesha.

Why does Ganesha hate Tulsi?

otherwise, tulsi is widely used in pooja ceremonies because it is considered as the most holy plant in india. tulsi is not offered to ganesha because they are involved in a mutual curse.

What scent does Ganesha like?

The red hibiscus offered to Ganesha and its constant scent is associated with balance. The mild grassy scent of the durva grass is said to be symbolic of determination. The fragrant lotus blooming in his hand is the symbol of purity. Other scented offerings like marigold flowers are also made during Ganeshaa puja.

Why did Ganesha curse Tulsi?

Lord Ganesha also in turn cursed Tulsi that she will be married to an asura (demon) and then under a blessings from the sages (or gods) will become a plant. On hearing this curse, Tulsi realized her mistake and she begged Ganesha for forgiveness and prayed to him with divine hymns.