Does Sonia like Leon?

Does Sonia like Leon?

As Goh and Sonia get closer to one another through this time together, Sonia revealed that she and Leon actually are childhood friends. Although this beat was revealed in the original games, this was the first time their childhood friendship had been mentioned in Pokemon Journeys.

Why does Iris Call ash a little kid?

Her line is simply meant for comic relief. If anything is meant by the line, it’s to show that both are children – Iris for calling him one and Ash for acting stupid at times (though of course we know the line is hardly ever justified when she does use it).

Who is stronger ash or Iris?

Iris used her own Dragonite and a Haxrous that had evolved from the Axew seen in the anime prior, but Ash secured the victory with a 2-1 knockout.

Is Leon’s Charmander Gigantamax?

So, there’s good news and there’s bad news about this Charmander. The good news is that the Charmander you obtain is one-of-a-kind, and is actually one of the game’s Gigantamax Pokemon. You’ve seen the champion Leon’s awesome transforming Charizard – this is one just like that, for you!

Can you beat Leon with Eternatus?

After defeating Eternatus, you’ll be called to challenge Leon for the title of Champion. Luckily, there’s a gap between these two matchups. This interval will allow you to take as much time as you need to adjust your party and catch some new Pokémon before testing your mettle against the man himself.

Is Leon’s Charmander shiny locked?

If you head over to Hop and Leon’s house and go into Leon’s bedroom, a single Poké Ball with a Charmander inside will be waiting for you. Don’t bother restarting repeatedly to try to get a Shiny Charmander, either — this Charmander is guaranteed to not be Shiny.

Do I kill Eternatus?

Do I kill Eternatus? It is impossible for you to catch him in this battle. You are meant to defeat Eternatus. After defeating him once, Eternatus will kick off what appears to be a Max Raid battle.

Can you Eternamax Eternatus?

Eternatus does not have evolutions, but it does have two forms. Eternatus’s regular form and the Eternamax form. The Eternamax form is only encountered in the battle at the Energy Plant. As of this writing, you cannot Dynamax/Gigantamax Eternatus to achieve the Eternamax form.

Is Eternatus a 100% catch?

Eternatus has a 100 percent catch rate, so don’t worry about ball quality.