Does moving finger mean here?

Does moving finger mean here?

a) What does ‘Moving Finger’ mean here? Answer: It can mean God or Fate that keeps an account or record of everything that a man does.

Is moving finger a metaphor?

The figure of speech used in moving finger is personification. People may differ on this and may call it metaphor as well but the answer should be personification.

What did the wrong man in workers paradise do all the day?

Workers Paradise is a place where people work all day long. They are so concerned about their work that they don’t waste their time if not necessary. The messenger placed the artist in the workers’ paradise by mistake. He did no work all day long and sat idle.

Why did the girl follow the man out of workers paradise?

The girl was impressed by art and beauty. Even if there was no meaning or purpose in art and beauty, she realised that art and beauty gave a certain joy. She saw new possibilities open – up before her. So she followed the young man to explore those possibilities.

What changes took place in the girl after the wrong man gave her the painted picture?

Answer. Answer: When the wrong man gave her the painted pitcher, she experienced that for the first time in her life, she had seen something that had no meaning and no purpose. She scanned that pitcher from all angles.

Why was a meeting called in the workers paradise?

Answer. the king of paradise called for a meeting to discuss on the topic of corona virus.

What did the girl do with the painted picture?

Answer. Explanation: After taking home the painted pitcher, the girl held it in the light and examined the painting from all angles, making sure that no one was observing her. Even at night, she examined the pitcher again, in silence under the light of the lamp.

How did the people in workers paradise behave?

Answer: The men in workers’ paradise had a lot of work to do; happy to do that work; no pleasure in just standing and chatting for a long time with one other.