Did the church support Hippocrates?

Did the church support Hippocrates?

-The ideas of Galen and Hippocrates remained hugely popular as the church promoted them as the only great teachings on medicine.

What was Hippocrates relationship with the Church?

In compromise, the Church accepted Hippocratic medicine with the proviso that the Christian physician shun all pagan or heretical interpretations of naturalism—he must not, for example, believenature to be divine, the soul a mere function of the brain, or himself the true savior of the sick.

How did Hippocrates spread his ideas?

The ideas of Hippocrates and others spread in the eastern Mediterranean and others took to writing down what they saw with regards to illnesses. These writings have survived and have given historians a vast resource to study.

Why did the church support the idea that God sent disease as a punishment for sin?

Through its bishops and priests, it controlled education. God controlled every aspect of life, so it was logical that God also sent diseases. They also believed that God had sent the Black death to punish them for their sins. So, if God sent diseases this meant that there was no need to look for other causes.

Why did the church support the belief that God caused disease?

The church believed that illness was a punishment for sins – they prayed to god if they became ill. Some believed that pilgrimages to holy shrines could cure illness. Doctors had superstitious beliefs, saying magical words when treating patients and consulting stars.

Why did the role of the church in medicine decrease?

They had only allowed medical books that they approved of such as the work of Galen to be copied up. They no longer had this power to control what was published or to sop criticisms of Galen been published. Therefore the church’s importance in medicine declined.

Why did the church support Hippocrates?

Why did Galen and Hippocrates have such a big influence? Galen’s ideas were promoted by the Church because he believed in the soul, which fitted in with their beliefs. Since the Church controlled all books and education, their texts about Galen were the only ones widely taught.

What did medieval people do to prevent disease?

Air purification to defeat the miasma they believed spread disease. Even killing pets and animals at time of epidemic. Government decree to deal with sanitation and clean water issues of the growing towns and cities. Remedies like poultices and herbal remedies.