Can you get pregnant in Fable 2?

Can you get pregnant in Fable 2?

In Fable II, you must use the bed in your marital home to conceive a child, while in Fable III you can use any bed in the same area as your marital home.

How do you sleep with your spouse in Fable 2?

Just go to the bookstore in Bowerstone, buy the “come hither” expression book and use it in the bedroom.

How do you get laid in Fable 2?

go to the bowerstone market bookstore, it’s parralel to the blacksmith, when at the store buy the book come hither my dear and it teaches u the sex expression. Use it then when u and ur spouse are close to the bed, select the bed and bpoooom :D.

How do you sleep with your wife in fable?

kenryoku1’s Fail-safe method to sleeping with your wife.

  1. Give her an inexpensive gift (perfume, red rose , etc.)
  2. Do Manly arm pump, Hero pose, Flirt and Giggle.
  3. Repeat step 2.
  4. She should now be green.
  5. Now talk to her and she should say something about going to bed.

Can you sleep with your wife in fable anniversary?

re: sleeping with your wife There is no premarital sex in fable, no matter what suggestive things people may say when you flirt with them. You can only sleep with your wife, but you can have one wife for each town.

Can Lady GREY have children Fable 2?

If you marry Lady Grey as your only wife, move into Fairfax Castle, have a child with her, then undergo The Rescue quest, all Family trails will lead to the wall in Fairfax Gardens. When it is a five-star home, Lady Grey will be fine or happy with the home, and you can raise a family there instead of a unique building.

Can you sleep with Lady GREY fable?

User Info: CheeChee_Macko. She doesn’t sleep with you.

How do I marry Lady GREY?

Finally you must duel Thunder for the right to take the hand of Lady Grey. Once over, you may marry her without buying a ring. You will also receive 15,000 gold in dowry. Also when you marry Lady Grey, the hero will be able to enter the Demon Door at the Grey House.

Can you be a girl in the first fable?

Its merely an HD update of the original game, much like the Halo anniversary game was. Since its technically the same game just better graphics and button interface, its got to stay the same as the original, meaning no change in gender.

Can you play as a female in Fable 2?

You can be a guy or a gal, its up to you this time.

Can you play a woman in fable?

Yes, you can!

How old is the hero of bowerstone?

During childhood, the hero of bowerstone is significantly bigger than other children which due to some dialogue are confirmed to be 9 years old meaning the hero of bowerstone is either older than the others or maybe their hero blood make sense them bigger if they are older they would be at least 20 by the time they …

How old is the hero of Oakvale?

The Hero of Oakvale’s age can be seen on the Statistics screen. After the completion of the Guild training the player’s age is mostly in the hands of the player. Each time a skill is increased, the player’s age will also increase (0.7 years per skill increased). Ageing stops at 65 years old.