Are tribal squares worth it?

Are tribal squares worth it?

Is it worth it? They are useful. A Tribal Square doesn’t produce goods as fast as a goods building. So you’ll get production of all 5 goods, and not just the 2 that you have the resource boost on.

How do you get Terrace Farm in Forge of Empires?

The Terrace Farm can be obtained from the Rare Jade Relic during the Guild Expeditions. It can also be obtained as a reward for completing the last encounter of level III and IV of the Guild Expeditions.

What does a ritual flame do in Foe?

Antiques Dealer The Ritual Flame is a special building released for the Guild Expeditions. It can be obtained as a relic or as one of the Guild Expeditions encounter reward. It gives a stacking 8% boost to your army’s defense rating, when you are attacked.

What are relics in Forge of Empires?

Relics appear as standardised icons in various places around the GE map. The colour of the icon indicates which type it is and collecting it reveals the specific prize. Relics can be located under cloud and remain uncollectable unless more of the GE is completed.

Is Temple of relics worth it in Forge of Empires?

Temple of Relics — worth it or not? Absolutely, essential really. Good for early game, at low level. Later, you must decide to free up the space or level it to 60or slightly higher.

How do you get relics in Forge of Empires?

You can get Blueprints for Temple of Relics as a reward on the Guild Expedition Map and by contributing to other player`s Temple of Relics. You will need 6X6 free space, Iron Age goods and 50 forge points to raise it out of the mud. By each level you will increase the chance to spawn a relic and spawn a rare relic.

How do you unlock difficulty 2 in Forge of Empires?

To open Difficulty II, III, and IV, a guild leader/founder will have to unlock it for every new expedition (every week) using goods from the guild treasury. Everyone can donate goods, but spending them is limited to leaders/founders.

How do guilds work in Forge of Empires?

A Guild is a network of players in Forge of Empires that assist each other by giving advice, motivating and polishing, and fulfilling trades. Guilds may also participate in Guild Expeditions, Guild Battlegrounds (GBG), and Guild vs. Guild (GvG).

How do you solve Guild expeditions in Forge of Empires?

These can be solved either by fighting or via a negotiation game. Whenever you solve an encounter you will also be able to collect a personal reward from the chest after it, and move on to the next encounter. As you progress further, the fog from the map will also be lifted, revealing additional encounters and chests.

How do you get higher points in Forge of Empires?


  1. Goods traded on the market do not add score points.
  2. Goods spent in GE and sector negotiations add score points, depending on the value of the goods.
  3. Goods donated to the guild treasury add points to your score, depending on their value.
  4. Try to have one or two GBs that produce goods.

What does Guild power do in Forge of Empires?

As your guild progresses in level, you get rewards that every guild member profits from. Guild Power. When the necessary amount of guild power is collected and the progress bar is full, the guild level automatically increases by one.